Kanwa tho Lodge #636


Pay Your 2018 Dues Today!

Kanwa tho Lodge members can pay their 2018 dues online at www.Kanwatho.org/Dues. If your unit pays for your dues, a member of your unit may have picked up the dues packet at the winter banquet. Individual paper registrations will be mailed after the banquet for members not registered to a unit.

CLICK HERE for more information!

Upcoming Events:

Section C-7 Conclave: April 20-22
Spring Fix-It/Day of Service: May 5
LEC - ODKT: May 5
Spring Conclave: May 11-13
LEC - MKE: June 3
LEC - STV: Aug 18
Fall Conclave: Sep 7-9
Fall Fix-It/Day of Service: Sep 15
LEC - IMR: Sep 15

Unit Elections Forms

It's unit election season again! If your unit has eligible youth, please make sure your unit has signed up for an election this spring. If you haven't scheduled an election, please contact your chapter leadership immediately!

CLICK HERE for the unit election form - Make your election go smoother by having your election report filled out in advance!


NOAC Contingent - Final Installment and Apparel Survey

All NOAC contingent members should be sure to submit their third and final installment of the event fee by the end of May 1, 2018. To pay the third installment, please go to www.Kanwatho.org/NOACPayment3.
Also, all contingent members should take a moment to complete the following survey so we can record your shirt sizes for the contingent apparel order. The survey can be found at www.Kanwatho.org/NOACApparel.