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Northwoods Wreaths Registration and Ordering Guide 


Vendor Account Registraiton


*ALL UNITS, including returning, must register an account as the registration process has been modified. 


Step 1: Select the link below based on the location you wish to pick up your orderYou may select your pickup location of choice, regardless of your unit location. 


Links are based on two areas: Picking orders up at State Fair Park 

                                                      Picking up at Camp Oh-Da-Ko-Ta 

  • State Fair Park 


  • Oh-Da-Ko-Ta 


Step 2: Click the Red “Register” Tab  


Step 3Enter contact information  


Text BoxFirst name  

Ex: Patty 


Text BoxLast name  

Ex: Freuler 

Text Box 


Ex: 414-443-2849 

Text Box 




Text BoxUsername  

Ex: pattywreaths 

Text Box 


Text Box 


Ex: Pack 

Text Box 

Text BoxGroup Number  

Ex: 123 


District                                      Select appropriate district name from drop down menu 

Ex. Northern District 

Text Box 

Address * 

330 S 84th St 

Milwaukee, WI 53214 


Step 4: Click Submit 

Thanks for Your Registration, Check your Email Account for Validation Process. 


  • You will receive an email within a few minutes, from 3 Harbors North/South, Subject: [3 Harbors North/South] Activate (username) 


  • Click the provided link to activate account. This will take you to the Noble Valley Farms homepage.  


Step 5: Vendor Approval (usually takes 24 hours, checked multiple times per day) 


Step 6: Within 24 hours, you will receive 2 emails simultaneously, confirming your account approval, with the following subjects 

  • Your account on 3 Harbors North has been approved! Please fill out your address and other information upon login 

  • [3 Harbors North] Registration approved 


Step 6: Click the provided link in either emails, and enter your login information 



Step 1: Visit your respective site and click the green “login” button 


Step 2:  Click “Place a Group Order” located at the green bar at the top of page 

Step 7:  Once all items have been selected, “Add to Cart” then “Proceed to Save Order” 

Step 8:  Under “Pickup Details” select November 9th, 2019and choose a time slot 

Step 9: “Place Order” 


To edit your order – No later than Oct. 23rd  

  • Sign into your respective wreath site 

  • Your order number will immediately be visible under Recent Orders 

  • The status will indicate "On Hold" 

  • Click “Edit”? 

  • Complete your order, then click?“Update Order”? 

  • Your order will remain "On Hold" until the vendor "Processes" your order after the order deadline 


Notify Product Sales team of any defective/missing product no later than November 15th 


Questions or concerns please contact:  

Patty Freuler or India McMiller at 


Three Harbors Council, Boy Scouts of America  I  330 South 84th Street, Milwaukee, WI 53214-1468