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Popcorn Show and Sell Location Ideas

Reminders for Show & Sell Locations:

  • A Scout is Helpful…Visit or call locations early for the Sale

  • A Scout is Safe…Keep in mind direction of the entrance, the sun can be quite hot if you’re facing it

  • A Scout is Courteous… When reserving your day, ask the business where you can set up or restrictions

  • Be Prepared…Check with the store the day before, conflicts have been known to happen

  • A Scout is Friendly…Don’t forget to thank the Store Manager for the opportunity to sell at their store


If a store needs verification you are able to sell, the council can provide that for your unit:

  • Email request made directly to

  • You will need to provide business and manager contact information

  • We will provide you with a formal letter to give to the business contact

Where could we sell?

  • Saturday and Sunday Morning Coffee and Bagel Shops  

  • Dunkin Donuts / Big Apple Bagels

  • Deli’s doing a morning business

  • Home Improvement and Hardware Stores

  • Local Hardware stores

  • Convenience and Discount Stores

  • Home Goods

  • Marshalls / TJ Max

  • Sam’s Club/ Target

  • Bank

  • Book Store

  • Service Establishments

  • Post Office/FedEx

  • Kinko’s

  • Bank/Book Store

  • Sporting Goods Stores

  • Community

  • Craft Shows/ Flea Markets

  • Elementary School Fun Fair or carnival

  • Sporting Events- Sporting Tournaments (tailgate with product) or School Athletic Games

  • Farmer’s Markets

  • Grocery Stores-Personal garage or moving sale

  • Lemonade stand style

  • Car shows

  • Community Organizations

  • After Church / Synagogue / Mosque services

  • VFW posts

  • PTA or School Board meeting

  • Meeting of your Chartered Organization


Be creative and think outside of the box!


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