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Annual Rechartering

Recharter is the annual process by which every member and unit in the council renews their membership for the coming year.  All units will need to recharter using the Internet Rechartering module.
Q: When does my unit recharter?
A: Almost all our unit recharters are due in December.  Some of our outreach programs have recharters that are due in June.
Q: When should our unit begin the recharter process?
A: All units receive the information they need to begin the rechartering process approximately 90 days before the last day of the month in which their recharter is due.  The rechartering process timeline is included in the information you receive.
Q: Do we have to complete our recharter online?
A: Yes.  All recharters need to be completed using the online rechartering process.  If you need assistance with accessing and/or navigating the online rechartering system, contact your District Executive.
Q: Why is it important to get our recharter completed and submitted before our current charter expires?
A: Sometimes, there are errors or other circumstances that need to be addressed before the council can finish processing your recharter.  By completing your recharter on the prescribed timeline, we can address those needs before your current charter expires, maintain your unit in good standing.
Q: What happens if we don't submit our recharter on-time?
A: Units that do not charter on-time put the standing of their unit and their individual's membership in jeopardy.  Units that operate without a charter are not covered by BSA insurance, putting your chartered organization and possibly your leadership personally at risk of being held liable for accidents and/or injuries; advancement cannot be recorded for youth; access to Scoutbook is cut-off; and Scout Life subscriptions stop being sent.

How does rechartering work?

A representative from each unit will be identified as the renewal processor. This individual will use the Internet Charter Renewal system to identify returning members, add new members, and update information for an individual.
To renew your unit charter online:
  • The Key 3 of each unit will receive their access code by email
  • They or designee will then complete the rechartering process
  • Print recharter paperwork, if necessary. If you complete your recharter using electronic signatures and payment, it is not necessary to print, but you will need to notify your District Executive.
  • Obtain signature of Unit Leader & Executive Officer, only if you chose not to complete the electronic signatures.
  • Submit charter paperwork, member applications, correct fees (one check) or unit account authorization, and any other District specific items to your District Executive.


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